Renewable Energy Communities

Form a community and have cheaper energy!

Study & Project

Evaluation: We define the utilization facilities and production units participating in the Energy Community.

Design: We designed the most appropriate community model for each case, namely the EGAC (Collective Self-Consumption Management Entity) model, attribution of sharing coefficients and relationship with the ORD.

Decision: For the solutions found, we present the costs / benefits of each one, to allow the choice of the most appropriate solution.

Engineering & Construction

Dimensioning: We accurately dimension all the components of the project as well as the elaboration of the execution project.

Planning: We plan and execute all phases of the project in accordance with the requirements of the places and standards in force.

Execution: We promote the installation of all the necessary equipment for the good functioning of the energy community as well as we elaborate all the required legal documentation.


In line with the potential of the Renewable Energy Community and investment options, we look for the most effective solutions.

Exploration, Maintenance & Operation

We carry out the Maintenance of the Energy Community, through its Self-Consumption Management Entity, guaranteeing the 100% operability of the systems.

We provide the most effective means to monitor the operation and be able to act quickly if there are deviations from the forecast.

Our EGAC (Collective Self-Consumption Management Entity) allows us to present a unique proposal for Management, Exploration, Maintenance and Operation.


All projects implemented by Capital Eficiente comply with current legislation, in particular Decree-Law No. 162/2019 of October 25 and other applicable legislation in relation to Collective Self-consumption.

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