Capital Eficiente

Capital Eficiente is a subsidiary of the Sotecnisol Group, with extensive experience in Energy projects, which develops, finances, implements, maintains and operates Renewable Photovoltaic Energy and Energy Efficiency projects.


We consider decarbonization a vital plan for our livelihoods as a species and we make our knowledge, our technical skills and our human resources available to all market players to make our world an increasingly better place to live.


Capital Eficiente is a company of the Sotecnisol Group, which has more than 52 years of experience in the market, which has allowed it to gain unique experience in project implementation. This accumulated experience, combined with an enormous capacity to adapt to new market demands, make Capital Eficiente the ideal partner for your company.


Capital Eficiente is an independent company, technologically very advanced and that has no commitments to equipment manufacturers, presenting in each case the best technical and financial solutions. Its size allows it an incomparable agility, which makes it a leader in its market in innovation and service.

Lasting Relationships

We work with a single objective which is to satisfy our customer. We guide our work so that the relationships built last in a beneficial way for both parties, extracting from each project the best possible performance at each moment. We are without a doubt the best partner for our customers in managing their energy bill.

Customer Orientation

Our focus is service, quality and excellence. Not forgetting the costs! We know that we can continuously improve, and that is what we seek to do, always maintaining high standards of service while seeking to maximize the profitability of each project.

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