Your own power generation system, with no installation or maintenance costs!

Study and Project

Assessment: We quantify the solar potential of the site and assess the local energy consumption to optimize the size of the photovoltaic solution.

Design: Depending on the physical conditions of the site, the best solutions for implementing the photovoltaic system are designed.

Decision: For the solutions found, we present the costs / benefits of each one, in order to allow the choice of the most appropriate proposal.

Engineering and Construction

Dimensioning: We accurately dimension all components and prepare the execution project.

Planning: We plan all phases of construction according to the requirements of the site and the standards in force.

Execution: We install the equipment and produce all the necessary documentation for training users of the photovoltaic system.


According to the potential of the photovoltaic installation and the investment options of the user, we look for the most suitable investment solutions.

Exploration, Maintenance and Operation

We propose the most appropriate maintenance solutions and provide the most effective means to monitor the operation. Our Maintenance and Operation team guarantees 100% system operation and monitors deviations by intervening according to defined service levels.


All projects implemented by Capital Eficiente comply with the legislation in force, namely with Decree-Law No. 162/2019 of October 25 and other applicable legislation in relation to Self-consumption of Electric Energy.

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